Customer service

5S service

■ Set up a new benchmark for global cotton machinery service.

Open type marketing service platform, it can provide overall process, omnibearing and zero distance standard service from equipment maintenance, personnel training, technical guidance, quality control, index accounting. 

Service concept:Regional quantization, seamless cutting, house-keeper style lifelong service 

Service purpose:to build brand loyalty, to win customer’s trust.

Service target:let Swan products create the best value that satisfies the customer. 

    1 .Sale

    "One-stop" work style,Tailor-made overall solution to meet the needs of different customers


    Quality goods, fair price, convenient and fast, all-weather spare parts supply.  The customer can keep indoors and enjoy free from worry and excellence by our original parts supply.


    Safe, fast, economical product distribution


    Full orientation,zero distance,housekeeper style lifetime aftersales adjustment and maintenance


    Rapid response,professional diagnosis,continuous improvement,requirement satisfaction。

■ Content of 5s service

Service before sales

To find a solution according to customer’s requirement.

Centralized or doorstep training on professional technology and operation skills.

Service during sales

To provide professional and omnibearing technical guidance.

Safe, rapid, less costly equipment distribution.

Service after sales:

Professional installation guidance, adjustment and maintenance service.

Product technology consultation, commissioned technician training and local technology training.

Product maintenance, failure diagnosis, treatment plan, all-weather original and par value distribution of spare parts.

Product quality track, technology upgrade.

■ 5S service mode

To provide free lifetime adjustment and maintenance service for the products sold.

Customized service: including training, equipment alteration, upgrading, maintenance, and original parts distribution.

■ 5S service guarantee

Rapid response, all day long service, service can reach the customer which is not far away from our service center more than 500 kilometers.

■ 5S service frame

Customer service center: customer service integrative management platform, specially accept and handle quality problem.

Marketing service network: organize and carry out customer local service with rapid response.

Service hot line: experts clarify doubts and provide directions by call.

Network support: service platform provides on-line doubts clarification and direction.

Service quality track: telephone call-back, leaders’ inspection.