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The Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan visited 6 stands MY-158 complete set of machine-picked cotton production line made by Shandong Swan Cotton Machinery

News source:       Release time:[2023-03-20]


     On February 25, 2023,Mr. Жумангарин Серик, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade and Integration of Kazakhstan , visited ТОО ?ZHANASSYL?. This gin mill is located in Turkestan, our company provides 6 stands MY-158 machine-picked cotton processing overall solution for it. Completed in November 2022 and put into operation smoothly, it is the first set of large-scale machine-picked cotton production line in Kazakhstan.

     The person in charge of  ТОО ?ZHANASSYL? reports the construction and operation details of the production line to Mr. Жумангарин Серик. 6 stands MY-158 machine-picked cotton production line not only effectively improves the production efficiency and cotton processing quality, but also has a high degree of automation in the production line, which greatly reduces the labor force and brings considerable benefits to the gin mill. This production line is highly appraised by the visiting leaders and plays a leading role in the technological upgrading and transformation of the local gin mills.

      In recent years, Shandong Swan Cotton Machinery adheres to cotton machinery as its main business, adheres to the innovative concept of "improving quality and reducing cost, health and environmental protection, automatic intelligence", deep in the field of cotton machinery technology and actively provides one-stop supply and service of full mechanization, large-scale and automatic machine-picked cotton equipments for major cotton producing countries in the world .Swan products have been exported to 37 cotton producing countries. Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and so on are the "Belt and Road" countries and important cotton producing countries in Central Asia. The company will strengthen technological innovation, continue to provide Kazakhstan and other cotton producing countries in Central Asian with the most advanced cotton machinery and better services, and actively promote the modernization level of cotton processing industry.