Approaching swan

The company is the technical relying-on unit to promote National Key scientific and technological achievement projects,Shandong province New High-Tech Enterprise and Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. More than 30 new technologies and new products successively won the national and provincial science and technology progress prize and won the highest award of its industry-the national scientific and technological progress second prize. It has more than 80 national invention patents, preside over or participated in 15 national and industry standards. Swan has been formed an international innovation system constituted by research and development team at headquarters,  wujiaqu agricultural research and development center in Xinjiang province and technology center in America.

Innovative ideas
  • Driven by market

    Seamless joint with market, and meet the customer’s need with high efficiency.

  • Reliable

    Striving for zero defect of products. Improve quality, decrease cost, and increase benefits.

  • Standardisation

    Continuously improve the quality standards and universality, interchangeability for components and parts.

  • Intelligent

    Quality online test, information collection, and intelligent control.

  • Environment protection

    Low consumption, low emission, recycling, and reduce waste of resources.