Approaching swan

  • Establishment

    Swan cotton machinery was established in 2002. Its predecessor was founded in 1946. 

  • Development

    Persevered in innovation, leading the whole process mechanization of machine-picked cotton. Online quality detection, intelligent control, and information management can boost the industry transformation and upgrading, and practice & promote the cotton technology development.

  • In the future

    Swan intelligent manufacturing and intelligent product line are highly integrated with large data, which can support the company to operate more efficiently, so to achieve all-win harmony among customers, employees, enterprise and society.



Shandong Swan Cotton Industrial Machinery Stock Co., Ltd. is a listed company owned by Shandong Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. Its predecessor was founded in 1946. It collects scientific research & development, precision production and marketing service into a whole, and specially provides one-station type delivery and service for mechanized ,intelligentized & informatized machine-picked cotton processing equipment.The company possesses Jinan Shandong, Wujiaqu Xinjiang, Montgomery USA, three technical innovation center and manufacture base. Continuous leading the technology advance for consecutive years. Products have been exported to over 34 countries. The domestic market share ranks top for several years. The marketing service network spreads all over world main cotton production area. It’s Shandong Province New High-Tech Enterprise and National key scientific and technological achievements to promote projects technology supporting institution.

The company keeps a foothold on cotton machinery as main business, and exerts its efforts to promote the cotton industry technology upgrades, and strives to create a new era of intelligent production, so to promote industrial chain expansion and accelerate the realization of industrial and capital win-win-driven strategic structure and sound development.

  • Headquarters

    Operation and management center, digitization, 

    innovation, manufacturing, quality control service center.

  • Swan Building

    High-end office building

  • Xinjiang Wujiaqu Swan Industrial Park

    One-station type delivery and service for complete cotton

     processing machinery and auxiliary equipment. Support 

    and bridge tower for internationalization strategy.

  • Shandong Swan America Ltd.

    World first class saw blade production base, 

    it strives to make technological breakthrough, 

    and international advanced technology import and cooperation.